What's cooking in Marie et Marcelle's kitchen - February, month of La Chandeleur and Pancake Day

Greetings from the Marie et Marcelle's kitchen!

February is the month when we enjoy crepes in France and in the UK. In France, we celebrate "la Chandeleur" (Candlemass) on the 2nd of February. Whilst initially a religious celebration, this has become a day when everyone will enjoy crepes with their favourite filling or spread. When moving to the UK over 8 years ago, I discovered that the same celebration happens in the UK, although on a different day of the month. In the UK, Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) is celebrated towards the end of February. As a French living in the UK, this is therefore an occasion for me to enjoy crepes on multiple occasions during February !!

Earlier this month I prepared a mille-crepe (or a crepe cake) to celebrate "la Chandeleur" and thought I would share the easy recipe with you on Pancake Day. 



For 4-6 people

Crepes (c. 20 crepes)

  • 250g All-Purpose Flour

  • 4 Eggs

  • 500ml Milk

  • 50 g melted Salted Butter


  • A jar of praline spread from Mada Mada (can be replaced by your favourite spread, jam or even a chocolate patissiere cream)

  • 600 ml Whipping Cream 

  • 50g Icing Sugar


Prepare the crepes 

  • Sift flour in a mixing bowl. Create a well in the middle. Mix in the eggs, one at a time. Pour slowly the milk, whilst mixing the ingredients. Finally add the melted butter

  • Cook the crepes using a flat pan, brushing melted butter on the pan between each crepes

  • Have fun flipping these crepes (don't forget to loosen the edges before flipping these crepes)

Prepare the filling

  • Place the whipping cream in a mixing bowl. Using a mixer, mix the cream until it thickens adding the icing sugar in small quantities at a time

Prepare the Mille-Crepe

  • Place one of the crepes on a plate. Spread a layer of whipped cream with a rubber spatula. Cover with a second crepe and add a layer of your favourite spread. Repeat until you have finished assembling the crepes cake

  • Decorate the cake as you wish using nuts, cacao nibs or powder...

  • Refrigerate until it is time to serve
Shelf Life

The mille-crepe should be stored in the fridge at a temperature below 5 degrees until consumed. Consume on the day is using whipped cream.

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